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Lawn Care

Magnolia Lawn Tree Shrub Corvallis Albany Oregon

 Our lawn care program provides balanced fertilization, acidity correction and controls for European Crane Fly, Moss control and Broadleaved weed treatment.


What makes a great fertilizer?

        Combination of fast and slow release nutrients

        Our fertilizers contain a combination of slow and fast release products that vary with the         season of the year and the needs of your individual landscape. Our slow release fertilizers         contain a polymer coating that dissolve as moisture is available. This prevents fertilizer         burn, even during the warmest parts of the summer. The other benefit of the coating is to         provide a uniform distribution of nutrients throughout the application interval. This provides         a uniform green lawn throughout the season without causing the growth flushes (and         subsequent mowing headaches) that are common among less expensive, fast release         fertilizers.


        Balanced nutrition

        The relationship between Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium is important in promoting         healthy roots as well as a deep green color above ground. Oregon State recommends an         N-P-K ratio of 3-1-2. The N stands for Nitrogen, P for Potash and K for potassium. Our         fertilizers adhere to their recommendation. These ratios are required to be placed on all         bags of fertilizers sold. If you look at the products sold at the hardware stores (including         well known national fertilizer brands) you will see that very few if any of them contain much         of anything but nitrogen and the amount of slow release is minimal.

  You get what you pay for. Balanced, slow release fertilizers are expensive but worth it.


If you would like a free estimate, please Contact Us and we will stop by and perform a complimentary Landscape Analysis and price quote.


Our programs are most effective when the treatments are performed on a regular basis. If at any time you are not satisfied with the results, please contact us immediately and we will either reapply the last treatment or issue a refund for the last application.