A lawn desperately in need of overseeding.
lawn needs overseeding Corvallis Albany Oregon

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Overseeder Corvallis Albany OregonOur over seeding service will leave your lawn looking dense and vibrant. Over seeding is the process of incorporating new grass seed into your existing lawn. In order for the new grass seed to germinate it has to be in contact with the soil. Getting this seed through the thatch layer can be difficult, without the correct equipment. We achieve this contact through the use of a machine that deposits the grass seed into grooves that it cuts in the soil. If your lawn is looking patchy after a hard winter or summer or is thin due to shade, we highly recommend this service.Over seeding will fill in the bare spots and allow your lawn to regain its health and beauty.

If your lawn is thin from shade, summer or winter stresses and looks like the picture to the left Contact Us and we will help bring it back to full health.


Our programs are most effective when the treatments are performed on a regular basis. If at any time you are not satisfied with the results, please contact us immediately and we will either reapply the last treatment or issue a refund for the last application.