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Tree and Shrub Care

OurTree Shrub Care Corvallis Albany Oregon Tree/Shrub care program includes insect and disease controls as well as balanced, time release fertilization for your valuable plantings.




            How do I know if I have             an insect problem?


Above ground indications of insect infestations are the visible presence of insect bodies (aphids, scale), holes in the leaves (weevils ), yellowish leaves (spider mites, azalea lace bug), browning of the leaves (leaf miners)etc. In many cases the damage occurs below ground (root weevil larvae), at night (caterpillars) or inside the plant (borers) and the only symptoms are overall weakened or yellowish appearing plants.  


            An ounce of prevention…..


We know how to recognize these problems and provide treatment in the early stages to keep your plants healthy. It is more effective to keep your plants healthy than to try and revive an ailing plant. The treatments we provide are targeted to those plants that have a problem or potential for problems.


            What about plant diseases?


Plant diseases can either be external (mildew, leaf spots) or internal spreading systemically throughout the plant (Phytopthora, Pseudomonus). The organisms that cause plant diseases are primarily fungi, bacteria and viruses. As with our insect control, we only treat plants that have a problem or potential for problems.  The disease control treatments act as barriers to infection and are best applied on a preventative basis. Most diseases spread more rapidly in moist environments. As new leaves unfurl and older leaves expand, new areas are susceptible to infection. Our programs are designed around these factors. Treatments are spaced more closely together in the moist spring and farther apart during the drier summer.


            The importance of fertility.


We use polymer coated, fertilizers for your shrubs. The balanced nutrition enhances blooms and encourages strong roots and healthy shoots. The coating provides for uniform distribution of nutrients throughout the growing season. In the fall we deep root feed your trees and larger shrubs. We use a specialized feeder to inject the complete fertilizer into the root zone, where it is most effective.


If you would like a free estimate, please Contact Us and we will stop by and perform a complimentary Landscape Analysis and price quote.


Our programs are most effective when the treatments are performed on a regular basis. If at any time you are not satisfied with the results, please contact us immediately and we will either reapply the last treatment or issue a refund for the last application.